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blue tit by whydoyoucaresomuch
blue tit
This is a blind continues line pastel drawing of blue tit bird with added effects, if you want to more art like this please let me know and I really appreciate comments whether the constructive or not 😊 
"C'mon lazy bones get a move on" came the cheerfull voice of the upbeat woman known as Joy delight as she pulled the other shorter woman along by her arm and out of the warm hotel.
"I can't, I'm too sad" her partner, Sarah tear, said as she face planted into the snow, Joy merely rolled her eyes a fond smile playing at her lips, years ago this kind of response would have annoyed her but now it just filled her with warmth.

"Oh don't be like that we're in Minnesota! We could go ice skating, have a snowball fight, get hot chocolate and so much more" as she exclaimed the many joys of the snow covered place she looped her arms under Sarah armpits and attempted to drag her along.

This worked surprinsgly well despite Joys skinny arms and sarah chubby form but then again she did have a lot of practice of dragging her girlfriend of 3 years around.
They got a few odd looks with one woman happily chatting away while dragging anouther groaning woman on the floor but neither of them cared.

They continued like this for about 5 minutes until Joy promptly dropped Sarah onto the snow with a load gasp.
Sarah looked round slightly disappointed, she rather liked being dragged around and the snow felt cold and wet against her skin, it was so sad.

"Sarah looked they have ice skating" Joy praticially screamed dancing around the fallen brunette.
Sarah slowly raised her head and saw a number of people mainly children laughing and skating across the frozen lake.
She continued to silently observe them while joy skipped happily of towards a small open stand renting skates.

Sarah was snapped out of her daze as she felt a shoe gently shoved onto her a foot and looked down to see Joy tieing her shoelaces for her while muttering that rabbit lace poem thing.
A small smile creeped it's way onto her face, that was just like Joy always taking charge to make sure the ones around her were looked after, it was one the reasons she loved her so much.

"Right I think that's got it " she exclaimed as she stood up with a florish despite the large winter coat she wore.
Extending a delicate hand toward the still fallen female that was gratefully taken by her smaller fatter hand, joy pulled her upwards with little to no effort and hand in hand they walked onto the ice and began to skate.

Well at least they would have if it it wasn't for the small, blonde  female that had crashed into them the second they had stood up.
Summary; Riley Anderson  has been a orphan almost since birth and at the age of 11 she finally gets adopted by joy and her partner Sarah.
But the small family still feel something is missing and when fate decides to introduce her to 3 complete strangers, Andrew, Felix and destiny they'll all learn what a real family is.
We are a family summary
Joy - joy 
Sadness - sarah
Anger - andrew
Fear - Felix
Disgust - destiny 

If any of you have any suggestions for second names and I'm all ears :)
Riley was for the most part a happy normal 11 year old girl with a passion for hockey and tom boyish nature that had a secret girly streak to it (a character known as princess rainbow unicorn would frequently visit her dreams).

She had everything a girl her age could want, well except for one, a family.
Only 3 days after her birth she and her parents were involved in a tragic car accident with bill and Jill anderson bearing the full brunt of the collision while their 'little bundle of joy' as her farther had called her soon after birth was miracusalily safe in her car seat.

Her cries of pain and terror had alerted nearby people to get presence but it was too late both new parents were already gone and the days old family was no more.
Riley with no other family to take care of her was places into care and ended up in a small orphanage in minnesota.

The orphanage was a bright colorful place full of carers that loved and cared for all the unfortunate children and honestly tried to do their best for them.
As a result of this riley grew up with many joyfull memories with people that may not have been her family but we're as close as she had ever known.

Still sometimes when she would see a family together with adults that lavished attention on their child like they were the most important precious things in the world, or when a kid would get adopted and leave forever with a promise to stay in touch,they never did or even when a carer wouldn't have enough time for her because someone more important or younger needed them and she would would be left alone and dissapointed.

So that's how Riley Anderson the orphan found herself alone in her recently vacant room, her friend and roommate meg anouther fellow orphan had left earlier with a lovely couple, a big grin and a hollow goodbye, they both new they would never see each other again now that she had a new family.

She sat on her window sill staring up at the night sky when suddenly a steak of light caught her attention  against the speckled black.
It was a single shooting star flying across the sky, before she could even stop herself riley scrunched her eyes shut and made a single wish that was more of a desperate plea Despertly in her head "please, please I just wanna family".

For an entire minute she stayed their with the cool night her caressing her like a mother would do to her baby and her eyes tightly shut against the world.
They snapped open and she instantly felt awful how could she have wished for something like that! It was so selfish!

She had a great life even without parents and their were so many kid worse off than her in the orphanage alone, ones that came in with weird bruises, a terrified look in their eyes and behavior that she didn't really understand but would both frighten her and fill her with
She shouldnt be making dumb selfish wishes on stupid non magical hunks of rock, she knew better by know.

Slowly she climbed back into bed a sick angry feeling in the pit of her stomach, but some where deep in her small chest a tiny fickering glimmer of hope that fought against the feelings of shame, sadness and self loathing.
"Maybe just maybe it will work" came a gentle whisper in her head as a single tear fell stwadidly trickled down her cheek and onto her pillow as she fell asleep in her empty room.
We are a family chapter 1
Ok so is my first fanfic so kind constructive comments will be appreciated, it will pick up later I'm just trying to set the story up at the moment and oh get ready to meet human party planner joy in the chapter! :)


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